Social science is an umbrella term for all the fields of study which take a scientific approach to the study of people. This can be used to relate to sociology, anthropology, criminology, linguistics, archaeology and development studies among others.


Previous experience in English, history, and social sciences will prove useful for this course.


A career in social sciences would hold careers such as a biographer, cartographer, genealogist, geographer, sociologist, archaeologist, and archivist. Other job titles include economic developer, historian, legislator, and public relations specialist (mass communications). 

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“Are Law Grads Headed Toward a Dead-End Profession?”

It’s been a couple years since the recession, but lawyers and the legal profession is still suffering from the label of being a “dead end” career – why is that? Law school is expensive and student loans aren’t getting any cheaper, either, so if someone is choosing to adventure into the law… read more

How I solved my student housing nightmare

“How I solved my student housing nightmare”

Morgane Souihed was scared about studying social policy in London, but things got even scarier when she saw where she was going to be living! Fortunately, she sorted everything out nice and quickly. My decision to change course and start studying social policy took everyone, including myself, by su… read more

Arts education in Australia

“Arts education in Australia”

Australia is the ideal place to study a Bachelor of Arts degree. You will be part of the largest single degree programme available across all Australian Universities. There is a huge diversity in what can be studied under an Australian Bachelor of Arts degree: Aboriginal studies Anthropology S… read more

Sociology - Why bother reading the classics?

“Sociology - Why bother reading the classics?”

Sociology is a relatively new subject (with origins in the work of Auguste Comte in the early years of the 19th Century), but it has grown hugely in a short space of time and is now a constantly updating agent of social commentary, measurement and reflection.  When you start a sociology degree… read more

The importance of social sciences in the UK

“The importance of social sciences in the UK”

Social sciences and humanities play a vital, but sometimes overlooked role in the modern world. Here, Sir Adam Roberts notes the significant role social scientists play in British society. In 2004, the former British Academy President Lord Runciman wrote: “Too often government statements and off… read more

21st century sociology

“21st century sociology”

As societies become ever more globalised and complex the need for sociologists is becoming more vital, as Anthony Elliott explains. Sociology, it is thought by many, is about the study of society. Just as political scientists study power, and economists study finance, so sociologists study society.… read more

What is sociology and what can students do with it?

“What is sociology and what can students do with it?”

An overview of what studying sociology involves and where it can take you by the American Sociological Association. Sociology is the study of the interplay of human behaviour and social institutions such as the family, politics, religion, work and the economy, leisure, education, criminal justice a… read more

Studying anthropology in Ireland

“Studying anthropology in Ireland”

Ireland offers a number of degrees and study modules that allow students to pursue an education in anthropology - a highly-valued discipline, as Adam Drazin explains. Anthropology is the study of culture and society and, in most cases, it is referred to as cultural anthropology or social anthropolo… read more

Social Science: Helping us to understand ourselves and the world

“Social Science: Helping us to understand ourselves and the world”

Social science is an important area of study that will lead to a versatile degree and a rewarding career. Social science has probably never been a more important area of study than it is today, and probably never has it been less acknowledged for the immense contribution it can make to understandin… read more