Philosophy & theology tackle the big fundamental questions: why are we here? How should we behave? Do we have freewill? Can we trust experience? How can things change and yet still be the same thing? What happens next? Be warned, in philosophy there are no right answers.


Previous knowledge of philosophy and recent short-term work in the field would be advisable.


A career in philosophy and theology can include jobs like a barrister, further education teacher or lecturer, and higher education lecturer, and recruitment consultant. Other job possibilities include a marketing executive, solicitor, psychotherapist, and local government manager. 

Latest Philosophy & Theology Features

The Study of Philosophy in Australia

“The Study of Philosophy in Australia”

Australian philosophy programmes are well-respected globally. Mark Colyvan and Alan Hájek detail the structure of these programmes and how international students can apply. Australian philosophy has had a distinguished history. A number of antipodean philosophers - among them J.J.C. Smart, David A… read more

Studying philosophy in the UK

“Studying philosophy in the UK”

What is philosophy? Philosophy means ‘love of wisdom’, and philosophy as an academic subject involves the systematic study of deep and important questions about ourselves and our world. Studying philosophy will not, of course, guarantee that you become wise. But studying the subject is just abo… read more

Visit Noah's Ark in the Netherlands

“Visit Noah's Ark in the Netherlands”

A Dutchman with a passion for religious education has built a full-sized replica of Noah's ark so that visitors can experience the famous story from the old testament of the Bible like never before. Based on measurements from books 6-9 of Genesis, Johan Huibers had to convert ancient measurements i… read more

Philosophy in Canada

“Philosophy in Canada”

Professor Bryson Brown explores how Canada’s colonial heritage and modern-day immigrants have influenced the nation’s study of philosophy, as well as the range of courses on offer. Canadian philosophical researchers are active in every field and form of philosophical inquiry. Subjects including… read more

Philosophy in New Zealand: a good place to study

“Philosophy in New Zealand: a good place to study”

If you are reading this article you probably have a fair idea of what philosophy is and have made up your mind that you would like to give it a go. But is New Zealand a good place to study it? The answer is unequivocally yes... Since it really got going in the 1930s, New Zealand philosophy has had … read more