5 tips for reading big books


4. Take breaksThere's no point tiring yourself out attempting marathon reading sessions fuelled by constant cups of coffee, leaving your eyes tired and your brain frazzled. You've got to take some of it in. 

Give yourself regular breaks; do some housework, get out of the house and see people. You might find that breaking up a particularly challenging section with a trip to the gym or bike ride gives your brain the chance to process what you've read and come back to it refreshed and ready to engage with it better.

5. Actually read it!So, we're stating the obvious here, but it's true. The longer you spend tip-toeing around the task and making excuses, the less time you leave yourself to actually read it. With a big task like this, there are no shortcuts. It's not enough to watch the BBC dramatisation of Middlemarch; your tutor will know.

The only way you will read a big book is by sitting down and reading it.