A literature degree will arm you with a comprehensive knowledge of the history of society. You will understand the true magnitude of the enlightenment, feel the impact of colonialism and crash-land in the present day with the advent of post-modernism, post-structuralism and the avant-garde.


Previous knowledge of English literature and experience writing for magazines and newspapers would be advisable.


A career in literature would involve jobs like a digital copywriter, editorial assistant, lexicographer, magazine journalist, newspaper journalist, and a writer. A literature degree would be useful for careers like an arts administrator, advertising copywriter, information officer, and public relations officer. 

Latest Literature Features

Interview with an author

“Interview with an author”

Nina de la Mer was born in Scotland and now lives in Brighton, England.   In the third year of her undergrad degree she studied in Germany. It was this experience that inspired her to write her debut novel 4AM, the story of two young soldiers in the early 90s and their struggle to balance th… read more

5 tips for reading big books

“5 tips for reading big books”

George Elliot's Middlemarch (904 pages), Herman Melville's Moby Dick (635 pages), Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace (1,225 pages), Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow (904 pages) and, the big daddy of all of them, James Joyce's winding stream-of-consciousness modernist epic Ulysses (100… read more