Liberal Arts Lowdown: 5 Reasons a Degree Is Right for You - Brooke Chaplan


Earning a degree in engineering or computer science could possibly get you a high-paying job, but earning a degree in the liberal arts can offer you so much more. Here are five reasons why getting a liberal arts degree is beneficial, and what bonuses it provides.

It Teaches You How to Think

A liberal arts education is broad and diverse, giving you numerous skills that will help you think critically and adapt to various situations and circumstances. Taking classes in different subjects will allow you to discover the multitude of beliefs and ideas that shaped and created societies. You will study the common belief sets that make us human, and look at the differences that make each culture unique.

It Gives You a Global Perspective

The world is more connected now that it has ever been, and it’s important to have the skills and education that will allow you to function in a global environment. Because a liberal arts education emphasizes general knowledge and the study of other cultures, along with foreign language studies, it is a good way to learn about the world. Employers will appreciate workers who can understand and adapt to different perspectives and ideals.

It Gives You Tangible Job Skills

A liberal arts degree will help you develop skills to use in your career, including time management, the ability to conduct research, and ethical decision making—skills that most employers value highly. You will have to take classes that require you to think, deconstruct and analyze many different topics. It can give you a head’s up when you do the same in your work.

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