What better reason to study abroad than to master the language of a different nationality? An education in modern languages can open doors to a wide range of careers in areas such as international diplomacy, high art, literary translation or travel journalism.


Previous experience or knowledge of the language you want to study.


Specific careers include sectors such as international diplomacy, translator, and producer. The type of career pathway depends on the language to be learned. 

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“Inspiring talks to watch if you're studying languages”

Languages shape the way we think and how we interact with one another. International students know this better than anyone. Once they leave their home country to study abroad, the first thing they'll come across is all the language differences. Even if coming from an English-speaking, the nuanc… read more


“5 Tips to Help You Learn a New Language - Kara Masterson”

Learning a new language can be one of the most rewarding, interesting and useful things you can do in life. However, many people never begin learning the language they've always wanted to speak because learning a new language seems like an insurmountable challenge. Luckily, there are some simple way… read more

An interview with an English language teacher

“An interview with an English language teacher”

An interview with Kamila Bateman, English Language Teacher at the University of Brighton International College.  Kamila Bateman is an English Language Teacher at the University of Brighton International College in the south of England.  She is Polish and has been educated both in Pol… read more

Teaching English to speakers of other languages

“Teaching English to speakers of other languages”

Both native and non-native English speakers can explore the opportunities in TESOL in the UK Programmes with Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in their title draw upon a number of well-known disciplines, including applied linguistics, education, linguistics and psychology. In … read more

My Time Teaching English in Thailand

“My Time Teaching English in Thailand”

Alison shares the story of her time teaching English in Thailand, learning to speak the language and immersing herself in Thai culture. In 2005, I was recently graduated and putting off reality. I applied with a programme called ISTplus teaching English in Thailand. I had few expectations: sun, bea… read more