History is about more than reciting the dates of major turning points in wars. It is about delving deep into primary and secondary sources and establishing a shared truth. It is also about finding relatable models from the past and influencing the present.


A background in history and literature would be advisable to do well on this course.


A career in history involves jobs like a heritage manager, museum education officer, secondary school teacher, and historic buildings conservation. A history degree would be useful for jobs such as an archaeologist, archivist, solicitor, editorial assistant, and academic librarian.

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5 Ways to Expand Your Historical Knowledge

“5 Ways to Expand Your Historical Knowledge”

We certainly do live in interesting times. It can seem as though we are the first to experience so many things, but if we really look at the past, we will find that we sometimes are not. Studying our history is one of the best ways to understand where we are and how we got there. If history is one o… read more

Shakespeare's Othelo in Arabic

“Shakespeare's Othelo in Arabic”

About Abdulla Al Asam: Abdulla lives in Doha, where he works as both an air traffic controller and as an actor. His most recent theatre play was 'The 8th Day of the Week'. In his free time, Abdulla enjoys reading, running and playing on his computer. “Abdulla has appeared in various Qatari TV … read more

My museum placement in the UK

“My museum placement in the UK”

Nahil Al-Askari is Museum Coordinator at the Children’s Museum, Qatar, and is currently completing her MA in Museum and Gallery Practice at UCL Qatar. As part of the programme she recently completed a three week placement at the iconic Manchester Museum.  This is Nahil's story: I am current… read more

Digging humans: literally and figuratively

“Digging humans: literally and figuratively”

Studying anthropology in Canada will equip you with a wide range of skills and bright prospects for your future career. Anthropology in Canada combines the European (British and French) tradition, along with the American emphasis of a four-field approach to the study of human past and present. Incl… read more

Collective memory and the benefits of studying history

“Collective memory and the benefits of studying history”

History can give you versatile skills for both life and work, whilst teaching you how to maintain society’s ‘collective memory’. Aristotle is supposed to have once said that to understand anything, we must “observe its beginnings and its developments”. History is more than a series of dat… read more

Back to the future

“Back to the future”

Jean MacIntyre explores the rich education that a heritage studies degree can offer. Some people are just so fascinated by history that they want to tell the world about it. If you’re one of those people then you should study for a degree in Heritage Studies. Heritage studies is all about preserv… read more

Distinctive history courses 'down under'

“Distinctive history courses 'down under'”

Australia’s universities offer varied history programmes. Jayne Persian outlines the diverse and exciting topics available to students. Why study history?History is the study of the past and its interpretation in the present. Historians make sense of the past using evidence from a wide range of w… read more

Choose your own adventure pursuing history

“Choose your own adventure pursuing history”

Students can often face a bewildering array of options when choosing their degree. Maryanne Rhett suggests the best ways to find your perfect history course in the USA. Choosing academic programmes is sort of like those once popular books Choose Your Own Adventure. If you have decided to take up th… read more

Redefining history in New Zealand

“Redefining history in New Zealand”

New Zealand’s unique position of having strong historical legacies from European settlers, the Mãori and others has led to diverse and exciting history programmes, as Professor Giselle Byrnes explains. History is the study of what happened in the past. It is also the study of how we know what ha… read more