Geography sits somewhere between the human and the physical sciences. Geographers study and monitor changes in the natural world, the human impact on the environment and the ways in which human civilisation is affected by spacial changes.

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“An Interview With A Geography Teacher - Dan Cropper”

i-studentglobal spoke to Dan Cropper, a geography teacher at Fallibroome Academy, located outside of Macclesfield in the north of the UK. Dan studied Geography at University of Manchester and completed his PGCE at Manchester Metropolitan University. How did you first get into geograp… read more

Becoming a geologist in the United States

“Becoming a geologist in the United States”

Opportunities for geologists are increasing and the USA offers a great environment to learn. Interested in a career where there are more jobs than applicants, where the future demand will increase as the supply of qualified applicants is decreasing? Want to help solve the environmental problems man… read more

Investigate the study of geography in New Zealand

“Investigate the study of geography in New Zealand”

With its breathtaking and varied landscape, New Zealand offers a vibrant setting for any aspiring geographer, as Mary Flaws explains. Aotearoa/New Zealand is a country of contrasts with a wide variety of natural and cultural landscapes. It straddles a plate boundary and has active volcanoes, volcan… read more

Geography in the UK - vital skills for the modern world

“Geography in the UK - vital skills for the modern world”

With growing interest in issues such as climate change, migration, environmental degradation and social cohesion, geography is one of the most relevant courses you could choose to study, as Dr. Catherine Souch explains. There has never been a better or more important time to study geography. Often … read more

Geography in Australia: the right place to be

“Geography in Australia: the right place to be”

With its varied climates, landscapes and contrast between highly urbanised areas and vast open spaces, Australia is the perfect place to study geography, says Iain Hay, President of the Institute of Australian Geographers. Why study geography in Australia? Leaving aside the obvious benefits of warm… read more