Is a career in higher education the path for you?




If you love to teach and instruct others, consider becoming a professor on campus. Professors will usually have both teaching and research roles. Academia can be very rewarding as you can lead groundbreaking research.

It is also rewarding to pass on your knowledge to students. You may think that you require years of study to get an advanced degree, but today there are options of getting an online degree in teaching. Some online universities offer doctoral degrees as well, which you can complete remotely, conveniently, and in a timely manner. 



If sports are something you are passionate about, consider working for a school with an athletic department and programs. Those with large athletic departments have a full array of staffing needs, from marketing to support staff, to coaching. With a background in playing or coaching, consider getting a job as a coach.

It can be very rewarding to serve as both a coach and mentor to college students. If you like to write and liaison with media, consider working in the media relations department where you can report on game outcomes and athletes, and attend games.