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Liberal Arts Lowdown: 5 Reasons a Degree Is Right for You - Brooke Chaplan

“Liberal Arts Lowdown: 5 Reasons a Degree Is Right for You - Brooke Chaplan”

Earning a degree in engineering or computer science could possibly get you a high-paying job, but earning a degree in the liberal arts can offer you so much more. Here are five reasons why getting a liberal arts degree is beneficial, and what bonuses it provides. It Teaches You How to Think A libe… read more

5 Ways to Expand Your Historical Knowledge

“5 Ways to Expand Your Historical Knowledge”

We certainly do live in interesting times. It can seem as though we are the first to experience so many things, but if we really look at the past, we will find that we sometimes are not. Studying our history is one of the best ways to understand where we are and how we got there. If history is one o… read more

Studying Politics in Ireland

“Studying Politics in Ireland”

Politics is the study of the dynamics of human interaction. It is a field of study that is both humanistic and scientific, and is centuries old. Aristotle called it the "queen of the sciences”. When studying politics, we are interested in a diverse and lengthy range of topics which includes t… read more

Studying philosophy in the UK

“Studying philosophy in the UK”

What is philosophy? Philosophy means ‘love of wisdom’, and philosophy as an academic subject involves the systematic study of deep and important questions about ourselves and our world. Studying philosophy will not, of course, guarantee that you become wise. But studying the subject is just abo… read more

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