A great time to study in Canada


David Lauer, from the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, discusses Canada’s fast growing reputation as a provider of world class hospitality and tourism education.

Recognised as one of the world’s premier travel destinations, Canada is well-known for providing visitors with a wide range of unique tourism experiences. But while Canada has always been a leading destination for travel, it's also quickly becoming known as one of the world’s best educational destinations. Canadian institutions are rapidly creating new programmes, improving existing course selection and creating space for more students; the time to study in Canada couldn’t be better.

For students interested in pursuing their studies in tourism and hospitality, Canada offers an outstanding range of educational opportunities to both domestic and international students. Given tourism’s importance to the global economy, it’s no wonder that this is the case.

A great time to study in Canada

“There is something for everyone in Canada”

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has predicted 1.6 billion international travel arrivals by 2020 and tourism has always been one of the most resilient sectors of the global economy. As we emerge from the recession, there is an unprecedented opportunity for growth in the sector and an energetic, vibrant, knowledgeable workforce will be vital to its success.

Indeed, Canada’s tourism success stems from its unique and plentiful attributes as a destination, its innovative marketing efforts, and the professionalism and dedication of operators and employees in the sector. In fact, tourism contributes as much to the Canadian economy as mining, fishing and forestry combined.

Despite its stature as a driver of the national economy, the sector has traditionally had to confront stereotypes prevalent among young people that tourism and hospitality has only entry-level, service-sector jobs without long-term career prospects. The growth of more sophisticated, high-end products such as boutique hotels, specialty cuisine and wineries, spas and wellness centres, golf facilities and adventure tourism experiences have helped to correct this erroneous stereotype.

Today, there are over 180,000 businesses that comprise the Canadian tourism sector. While this includes large national and multinational companies, the majority of these businesses in the sector are small and medium-sized enterprises.