6 Top Hospitality skills


4. Financial Management

All employees must have a good understanding of the cash flow, profitability and tax liabilities. This will help run a successful hospitality business. Good mental maths will also speed up transaction times.

5. Understanding The Industry

Anybody in this billion-dollar industry must keep up to date with the latest trends, success stories and news.

Make it your goal to understand what your guests want and need. Get to know your customers as you know your friends and family and you will be very popular in this industry.

6. Cultural Awareness

Finally, cultural awareness is important as you'll need to interact with people from a wide variety of other cultures.

Being understanding of the different cultures and behaviours is important for any career but more so within this industry. Keeping an open mind can help you to avoid any misunderstandings that can occur as beliefs and values represent a person's culture.

If in doubt, don't do as Basil Fawlty does!

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