Top 6 Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Careers

Studying Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism will give you different Career opportunities in many different areas.

Here are the top 6 careers in this industry:

1. Event Planner

Do you love the idea of running an event? If your answer is yes, then this is the career for you.
You'll be fully responsible for all elements of an event, including food service, room layout and linens and much more.

2. Chef

If you are skilled in food preparation and have a passion for cooking, then this is the career for you. To be a Chef, You'll need to earn a degree from a Culinary school and get an apprenticeship to be trained as a chef.

3. Sports Therapist

Sports Therapists give advice to sport and exercise participants on how to train safely. Their main aim is to prevent any kind of sports and exercise related injuries.

4. Hotel Manager

A Hotel Manager or Hotelier, may be referred to as the General Manager of the hotel. Your duties will vary depending on the size of the hotel, function or company.

5. Tour Guide

Share your passion for history and the culture of the place where you live with others. This is a great career choice if you love people as you will spend all day sharing your knowledge with others.

6. Health Club Manager

Why not help others reach their health and fitness goals. Working as a health club manager will put you in the position of being instrumental in providing a great environment for your members' leisure time.