Top 6 Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Careers


Studying Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism can offer you many different career opportunities in many different areas. Some courses will offer you experience working on a number of different projects across many areas of hospitality, which may be best for international students who are unsure what career path they are looking to take. Other courses will be focused on one area, such as a BA in International Event Management at University of Brighton.

Here are 6 of the top hospitality careers for graduates of Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism.

1. Event Planner


Do you love the idea of running an event? If yes, then this is the career for you. 
You'll be fully responsible for all elements of an event, including food services, room layout and linens and much more. 

Degrees that will help you on the path to becoming an event planner include Event Management, Live Events Management and International Event Management.

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2. Chef


If you are skilled in food preparation and have a passion for cooking, then this could be the ultimate career for you. There are many routes to becoming a chef, from working up through the ranks in the kitchen to learning more about the craft at a catering college. A popular option is to earn a degree from a culinary school, such as a BA in Culinary Arts, or get an apprenticeship to be trained as a chef.

Courses that can help you on the way to becoming a chef include Culinary Arts, Culinary Arts Management and Le Grande Diplôme at Cordon Bleu, London. 

3. Sports Therapist


Sports therapists give advice to sport and exercise participants on how to train safely. Their main aim is to prevent any kind of sports and exercise related injuries. The most common pathway to this career path in the UK is through studying a BSc in Sports Therapy (Hons). 

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4. Hotel Manager


Hotel Manager or hotelier, may be referred to as the General Manager of the hotel. Your duties will vary depending on the size of the hotel, function or company. According to QS, there are many institutions worldwide offering courses in Hotel Management, including 36 in the UK.

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