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The world as our classroom


“This is necessary for business success in today’s globalised business World. Thank you so much for this experience!" 

Beside the effective transfer of technical know-how and academic methodologies, an increasingly important aspect of tourism study programmes is also the application of the acquired knowledge to ‘real situations’.  Some universities nowadays offer tourism students the opportunity to participate in international study tours.

A study tour is a travel experience with destined learning goals and a didactic concept supporting the learning outcome.  The objective of such a programme is to apply theoretical insights to selected summer and winter tourism destinations.  Students can experience best practices as well as learn from mistakes when they talk with tourism policy experts and decision makers.  A thorough reflection of what they have heard, seen and experienced as well as the opportunity to combine problem statements from the industry with theoretical findings stimulates the students to think critically and develop creative problem solutions.Students who have been on a study tour emphasise the importance of experiencing international tourism destinations on site and hearing guest lectures at universities.

The key success factors of such international study programs are:
• thematic preparation and monitoring;

• theoretical inputs by guest lecturers at universities;

• dialogues with industry experts;

• experiences and visits on the spot; and

• a thorough reflection.

“5 destinations, 22 703 kilometres of distance travelled, 31 hours on airplanes, 3 different time zones, 2 hotels, 1 hostel, 14 days and 1 000 unforgettable moments.” 

"Thirty Master students with one common mission 'To make the world their classroom', and that was exactly what we did throughout our Study Tour to the Middle East and Asia." (MCI Tourism MA student).

"It was great to explore the cultural diversity between Europe, Middle East & Asia. I personally, developed more cultural awareness. Especially seeing, interpreting and evaluating things in a different way. This is necessary for business success in today’s globalised business World. Thank you so much for this experience!" (MCI Tourism MA student)

An often-quoted saying from Confucius states “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Following this thought, it is hoped that study tours provide not only memorable experiences, but also sustainable learning outcomes. The organisation of a study tour relies on high-quality contacts in different destinations. THE-ICE, with its strong network of excellent tourism universities fosters such relationships and enables higher education institutions to offer such programs.

Authored by: Authored by: Management Center Innsbruck/MCI Tourism