Soaring above the clouds - an interview with a tourism graduate



 “And just like how it is in flying, in life, there's no other way but up.”

Take Off - 
Immediately after graduation, Aiza worked as a hospitality instructor for two semesters.  She then got an opportunity to work for Dubai Metro as Revenue/ Ticket Inspector.  In 2010 she got a chance to achieve her dream job when Qatar Airways held a recruitment open-day.  Fate was clearly on her side as she was hired by the airline.  Aiza was more than prepared to face the new journey of her life.

Mid-flight  -“Would you like coffee or tea?” the cabin crew would ask the passengers.  Aiza, like most people, thought that being a flight attendant was all about glamour and travel perks.  After undergoing intensive training, she learned that the cabin crew bears a huge responsibility.  Trained in administering first aid in response to emergency situations, they have to assume several roles during flight, from that of a medical practitioner down to a rescuer.  They also have to be healthy and fit to withstand the rigorous work hours, resting for only a few hours depending on the destination and working in shifts.  Aiza understands that these things are part of her job.  She says she is now living the life she has envisioned and is very happy with what she has accomplished so far.

Touchdown -Aiza also says being a flight attendant is a way of life.  During layovers, she and her fellow crew members check in to a hotel to rest, see the landmarks in the destination, then prepare for their next flight. But it’s not just about ‘fun’ as the job can be really tiring especially after long-haul flights. Aiza is more than determined to excel in the life she now leads.  She says she dreams of becoming a Chief Purser (in-flight cabin services director) in 5 to 7 years. 

Working for an international airline, Aiza carries with her the lessons she learned from her Alma Mater (university).  She has always shown professionalism and global competitiveness in her work.    She always arrives on time, conducts herself well, and is always well groomed.    And just like how it is in flying, in life, there’s no other way but up.  She learned from her mentors not to give up when faced with hardships in life.  Instead, she recollects herself, musters all her confidence, and takes off, leaving her fears behind.  Now soaring high, she is more than determined to make her dream come true for her family.

Authored by: Debbie Grace B Badillo, Lyceum of the Philippines University