Soaring above the clouds - an interview with a tourism graduate



“Don't tell me the sky's the limit, there are footprints on the moon”
(Brandt Paul)


Truly, the sky might not be the limit for anyone’s dreams especially when one’s dream is to conquer the skies. In a short span of time, Aiza Magno has done it and is now living her dream working above the clouds as a professional flight attendant.

Check-in -
Aiza grew up having a normal childhood.  The eldest in a brood of four, she always played with her brothers and neighbours and diligently performed the household chores assigned to her.  At an early age, she already knew the importance of education.  She grew up with her mother and grandmother while her father worked abroad.  It was her mother who taught her to do well in school and told her how education can give one person a good future.

Boarding -
Aiza’s view of herself and the world widened as she became an adolescent.  Her eagerness to meet new people, learn new things, and see more places came about in high school.  And she saw all these things come to life when she entered college and took up BS Tourism.  She was a very active student during her stint.  Multitasking was her middle name.  Aiza became a staff writer for the official student publication of the university in her early years, then an editor in her senior years.  She balanced her studies and her other extracurricular activities, notably winning several beauty titles and competing as far as the national level.  All of her hard work paid off as she was awarded as one of the Top 3 Most Outstanding Students for AY 2007-2008, the pioneer batch of awardees.