KOTO - Know one teach one


About KOTO “Know One, Teach One”:

KOTO is a pioneer social enterprise in Vietnam founded by Jimmy Pham AM. The mission of KOTO is to provide vocational, English and life skills and empower street and disadvantaged youth to find good jobs enabling them to have a secure future. KOTO has trained over 500 graduates with 100% job placement. KOTO is a 24-month intensive training programme in life skills, English language and restaurant hospitality.

Huong Dang Thi, a KOTO graduate tells us her story of how KOTO came into her life.

Huong was born in 1986 in a farming family. Her father passed away when she was very young. Her mother had to work very hard just to make a living. The yearly income for the family only came from harvesting a few paddy fields.  When Huong was 12 years old her mother became very sick. Huong decided to drop out of school and gave up her dream of becoming a literature teacher. At 13, Huong arrived in Hanoi by herself, hoping that she could earn some money to support her mother and for her siblings to remain at school. Huong had a lot of hard work which was too much for a young child. She babysat and woke up at 2am to cook sticky rice and banana cakes to sell. Her life was full of challenges and dangers. There were many drug dealers where she lived and she slept on a small bed under the stairs.
Despite all these difficulties her passion for study never stopped. Huong decided to register for a night class at a Continuing Education Centre. Then, a friend introduced Huong to KOTO and in 2006, she became an official trainee at KOTO. In 2007, Huong was offered a waitress position at the Intercontinental Hanoi Hotel Westlake.


“...her passion for study never stopped”

Two years later, Huong come back to work at KOTO. There, she performed various positions such as Receptionist, Function Co-ordinator, Café Supervisor and Marketing and Communication Officer.