Industry ties - key to developing skilled tourism & hospitality employees



Tourism and hospitality careers are hands-on, fun, and interactive, offering exciting opportunities and global possibilities. Vocational education and training for the sector prepares candidates with practical skills and experience ensuring graduates are well prepared and job-ready.

Education providers today have identified the importance of workplace learning, volunteering, and industry contact as crucial elements in providing the understanding of real-life operations required for a student to become work ready.

Stakeholder engagement and effective two-way communication is crucial to the success of any venture and education is no different. To maximise learning potential, and in turn benefits to industry from suitably trained employees, it is crucial that the insights, challenges, and opportunities of the tourism and hospitality landscapes are understood.

Though some trends are cyclical, awareness of all trends can be gained through memberships to industry bodies, engagement in conversations with organisational peers, and constant, vigilant market research.

Relying on in-house academics and collaborative industry advisory bodies allows institutions to not only tap into discussions on industry trends, but also to provide the forum for discussion, lead the thought process to innovate and provide future growth solutions through flexible training, contextualised with consideration of the market.