Interview with a Flight Attendant


9. Have you been on any exotic holidays since working for an airline?

I spend most of my time visiting family and friends since we're so spread out across the globe. I just got back from 10 days in Australia with my cousins, I've gone back to visit friends in Arizona and Texas, made my way back to England at least 4 times, spent some more time with my other cousins in Greece, rode (albeit on the back) a Harley all over the Big Island of Hawaii and jumped off a 40 ft cliff at South Point. And yes, I pet a koala and hung out with kangaroos!


Big Island, Hawaii



Kangaroo Dinner Time in Australia 


10. Finally, what is the strangest request that you’ve had on a flight?

The strangest request I've ever had is a passenger who asked us "Who's cat is this?" It turns out, the passenger who brought the pet on board did not properly close the kennel and the cat had escaped, picked a person whose lap looked comfortable and curled up for the flight. Although it was my job to relay information to the captain, such as "We have a random cat running around, don't take off yet," the other flight attendant had to do it because I was laughing too hard. We took off without incident and the cat was returned unharmed to his kennel.

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