Hospitality management: a global career


Angela Roper and Isabell Hodgson, Joint Chairs of the Council for Hospitality Management Education (CHME), discuss hospitality degrees in the UK.

Hospitality management graduates are in demand from many employers and this is not restricted to the hospitality industry. There is a diverse range of courses offered across the UK but what they all have in common is the broad education and the skills development, which are transferable across all service industries. This means that graduates can choose from a range of careers within the service sector, as well as generic management disciplines such as marketing, human resource management and finance.

Degree courses in hospitality equip graduates with the skills and knowledge to succeed in today’s business environment and also to be the planners, organisers and strategists of the future. On graduation, students will be capable of filling junior management roles which should lead to senior positions within the industry. It is not unusual for graduates to be fast-tracked to relative senior positions by their thirties.

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“Most courses offer a placement where students work in a sector of the industry for a set period”

The first year of a bachelor’s degree typically covers the introduction of core management studies such as business finance, marketing and organisational behaviour whilst integrating the operational aspects of the functional areas such as facilities management and food and beverage management.