Dubai. New York. Paris. What will it be? Hospitality is a booming international industry comprised of massive hotels, intimate B&Bs, exclusive resorts and the VIP lifestyle. A degree in this sector will have you working for international companies with a travel experience unlike others.


Experience in bars, clubs, restaurants or other forms of entertainment would be advisable.


Common careers for those with a hospitality degree include event organiser, catering manager, accommodation manager, bartender, waitress, hotel manager.

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Jet engine

“Interview with a Flight Attendant”

Many twenty-somethings will have spent some time abroad but only a relative few will have spent much of their lives on the move, living in a number of countries whilst growing up and experiencing many different education systems. i-studentglobal spoke to Evelyn, a flight attendant for a major airlin… read more

The evolution of the hospitality industry

“The evolution of the hospitality industry”

A new generation is becoming the focus of the hospitality industry. This new generation is not just causing changes in hospitality, it is causing changes in hospitality education. This generation is you: the Millennials or Generation Y.  Generation Y is very different from other generations in… read more

Hospitality management: a global career

“Hospitality management: a global career”

Angela Roper and Isabell Hodgson, Joint Chairs of the Council for Hospitality Management Education (CHME), discuss hospitality degrees in the UK. Hospitality management graduates are in demand from many employers and this is not restricted to the hospitality industry. There is a diverse range of co… read more

The business of hospitality

“The business of hospitality”

In this article the Hospitality Standards Institute talk about New Zealand’s vibrant hospitality industry, discussing the wide sprectrum of sectors and different career paths. New Zealand’s large and vibrant hospitality industry employs around 136,000 people, nearly 7% of the workforce, working… read more

Australia: the new home of hospitality education

“Australia: the new home of hospitality education”

Chair of The Association of Australian Hotel Schools, Peter Lewis, discusses Australia’s emergence as a leading location for hotel schools. Whilst Switzerland is perceived by many as the long established home of hospitality, we regard Australia as the new, innovative and strategic centre of touri… read more