To be a success in events management, you have to be a skilled multi-tasker, calm under pressure, authoritative and approachable. You might find yourself hosting a dinner for world leaders one day or throwing a huge music festival for thousands of revellers the next.


Event management has many exciting new careers, and the field is growing fast. With jobs all around the world, it is an excellent career to get started in. Many jobs include workingas event managers for hotels, clubs, bars, festivals, and more. 

Latest Event Management Features

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“International Event Management in the UK”

i-studentglobal spoke to recent International Event Management graduate Megan Doyle about her study abroad experience in the UK at the University of Brighton. What is International Event Management? Many people assume that the course is just party planning, but there was a lot more to the subj… read more

An interview with an events manager

“An interview with an events manager”

Life-long New Yorker, Adellyn Polomski, had quite a culture shock studying in the UK, but she loved every minute of it. What did you study, and where?I went to the University of Leeds (BA) and Leeds Metropolitan (MSc) in the north of the UK. What led you to choose events management?While taking my… read more

Finding your rhythm: a career in music events

“Finding your rhythm: a career in music events”

The music industry is competitive and individualistic, but Victoria University graduate Fiona Nicolson remains determined to forge a career for herself in a field she loves Fiona Nicolson is trying to forge a career in the music industry organising music events. "My first time at a music festi… read more