Embracing the future – opportunities for tourism, hospitality and events educators abound.



We believe that potential – which we call  adaptive learning" – exists.

Traditionally, education in Tourism, Hospitality and Events has been one of the few areas in which educators introduced students to business management theories and concepts in an applied manner using practical laboratories. 

These laboratories often mandated vast investment in practical facilities including restaurants, bars, kitchens, hotel reception areas, hotel rooms and concierges.

Yet despite the years of leading the way in innovative and applied teaching, educational establishments in the TH&E space seem slow to embrace modern teaching technologies and practices.  Is this sluggishness due to the industry's practical nature influencing the pedagogy, are educators in the industry uncomfortable with the new technology uses, or both?

What if approaches to learning and instruction were individualised to better serve the needs of the individual learner?  What if students could access more personalised and immediate feedback and instruction – just enough to help them succeed through a course and give them the confidence to know that they can succeed in college?  We believe that potential – which we call ‘adaptive learning’ – exists. Gates Foundation March 2013