An iPad Educational Revolution

The Swiss Education Group, Switzerland’s leading network of hospitality management training schools, continues in its goal to revolutionise and modernise hospitality education.  This ambitious project was first launched in April 2014 when 420 staff and students at Hotel Institute Montreux, were equipped with iPads.  Other schools in the group were to follow later in the year.  The project aims to transform the educational experience for students, bringing the latest technological advances to the classroom and aligning education with the realities of the industry today.  In 2014, the group will invest CHF 1.4 million in tablets and educational content.

Although the core of a hospitality education will remain unchanged, the iPad promises to enhance teaching practices and promote a more interactive leading environment.  “Our students benefit from an enhanced learning experience through the ‘real time’ exchange with our academic staff,” affirms Emanuel Donhauser, Chief Academic Officer, Swiss Education Group.  “In our experience, traditional supports have shown to be limited in their limited dynamics and the level of creativity they tend to bring to education.  Today’s tablet technology allows us to interact with students in the way they are most familiar with, as members of the digital generation.”

The decision to introduce iPads across the group follows the significant testing, conducted within the group at César Ritz Colleges where the iPad was introduced to 600 students in 2012.  After the success of this initiative, all students at SEG schools were provided with an iPad by September 2014.  By year-end, more than 2,500 iPads will have been distributed across the group.

Catalyst for Change: Unlimited Educational Possibilities

Along with the benefits of a more personalised and interactive learning experience the iPad will have a positive impact on the future careers of students as they develop skills essential in a world where technology is rapidly changing.

Additionally, the introduction to the iPad allows SEG to significantly lower the amount of paper it uses each year and decreases the amount of materials students need to transport with them to class.

Technology for Learning

All iPads given to students by the Swiss Education Group are pre-installed with a set of applications for managing and manipulating documents, multimedia and educational content-based applications.  Other applications can be added according to each individuals needs and through using the technology, content will be generated in each area of learning.

Continued Evolution

In collaboration with Apple, the school organises training sessions to help teachers work with the iPad and encourages an internal sharing of best practices to integrate into their curriculum. As Emanuel Donhauser explains, “the Swiss Education Group is one of the first actors of higher education to take the step towards a dynamic and interactive educational universe. We are still in the discovery stage and together, we will reinvent the future of hospitality education.”

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Article supplied by César Ritz Colleges Switzerland