4 Law Degrees That Set You Up for Success

If you’re considering a career in the field of law, you need to get the right degree. There are several different degrees that provide a strong background in the legal field. Some of these degrees are designed for future lawyers while others are more for gaining legal knowledge that can be applied in other careers. Here are four law degrees that you can consider.

Juris Doctor

Juris Doctor is a demanding degree that prepares you for a career as an attorney. This is the degree that you earn at most law schools. In order to enter this type of degree program, you must have a bachelor’s degree.

Law schools will usually consider graduates with any major, as long as they have solid grades and have taken the Law School Admission Test. To prepare for law school, you should begin by studying material that helps you score well on the LSAT.

Master of Laws

Master of Laws is a graduate degree that some people pursue after earning their Juris Doctor degree. It usually takes one year to complete if you study full time. This is a chance to gain further training in specialized areas of law, such as finance, technology law or environmental law. For lawyers who want to gain further education and make their resume more impressive, this is a useful degree to pursue.


Master of Science in Law

This is a degree that’s geared towards people who are not necessarily attorneys but who want to increase their understanding of law. It can be useful if you want to learn about laws and the legal system for your own personal enrichment or for your career.

It’s also helpful for business owners who need a solid understanding of the law. You can specialize in areas such as employment and labor law and human service law. Some colleges offer an online Master of Law program that you can pursue in your spare time.

Doctor of Juridical Science

This degree, also called Doctor of Laws, is the most advanced law degree you can obtain. It’s the equivalent of a Ph.D. in the field of law. Most candidates for this degree have already earned a Juris Doctor and Master of Laws degree. It takes from three to five years to complete this degree. People who earn this degree are usually academics whose goal is to teach law.


Still weighing up your law options?

A law degree is a serious commitment of time and effort. It also requires a certain financial investment. You should carefully research your options and find a school and program that fits your needs. The right law degree can be very useful at helping you achieve your career goals.

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