Inspired by rules, principles, decrees, legislation? If so a law degree beckons. Law degrees are upheld in countries around the world, making it a possibility for graduates to be employed anywhere.


Expand your awareness of the scope of the law by reading books about how to study law and keeping up with reports of legal happenings in the news.


You could go on to become a solicitor, barrister, legal executive or paralegal, or take your training into HR management, accountancy, police work or advice work. The future’s bright…

Latest Law Features


“4 Law Degrees That Set You Up for Success”

If you’re considering a career in the field of law, you need to get the right degree. There are several different degrees that provide a strong background in the legal field. Some of these degrees are designed for future lawyers while others are more for gaining legal knowledge that can be applied… read more

6 Tips To Help You Succeed Studying Law

“6 Tips To Help You Succeed Studying Law”

The law is complex. It is the framework of a society. Few other realms have the power to dictate behavior like the law does. It helps make sure that injustices are corrected, behavior is proper, and order is maintained. It takes time and effort to understand the law. But, with dedication on your par… read more

How Non-Traditional Students Can Prepare for Law School

“How Non-Traditional Students Can Prepare for Law School”

Making the decision to pursue a law degree can be exciting, yet nerve-racking at the same time. You eagerly await your future career as a lawyer, but wonder how, as a non-traditional student, you can get ready for the educational endeavor before you. Before you enroll in your first class, you can pr… read more

Making the Case for a Criminal Justice Degree in the USA

“Making the Case for a Criminal Justice Degree in the USA”

Getting a criminal justice degree in the USA can help you prepare for a career that is both interesting and that benefits society. This is also the type of career that is fairly stable, as there will always be a need for people to enforce laws, analyze evidence and protect the population. Let's look… read more

Thinking about studying law?

“Thinking about studying law?”

If you’re thinking about studying law, or are due to start your course this year, Gordon Dean, a solicitors practice in Norwich, offer tips to those beginning their studies as well as a few reasons why it’s a fantastic course to take. Law students work hard and play hard – Law societies are o… read more

How to become a lawyer in Australia

“How to become a lawyer in Australia”

If you are looking for a rewarding career, you'll find that studying law can take you just about anywhere you want to go.  Why Study Law? Legal qualifications are not just for lawyers!  Whilst a law degree can most certainly lead to an exciting and challenging career as a solicitor or b… read more

From paralegal to trainee solicitor

“From paralegal to trainee solicitor”

Helen Gierc has had a swift career trajectory. Since studying law at the University of Sheffield, she got a job as a paralegal and has since been made a trainee solicitor. Here she tells us a bit about what her job consists of.I joined Pannone as a paralegal in the Serious Injury division in August … read more

A day in the life of a trainee solicitor

“A day in the life of a trainee solicitor”

Richard Hill, a second year trainee solicitor at Pannone, takes us through a typical working day in the high-pressure environment of a top level legal team.  8.45 amI arrive at work, check my emails and see if anything urgent has come in that I should deal with immediately. I check my to-do li… read more

Studying law in Australia

“Studying law in Australia”

An Australian law qualification will equip you with the skills needed for legal practice and beyond, says law school dean Professor Michael Coper. Australia loves to have international students. The benefits flow in all directions. International students learn about a new culture and take a little … read more

Studying law and sport in New Zealand

“Studying law and sport in New Zealand”

Learn what you can expect to study in a Law and Sport programme. The law is now an integral part of sport. Law and Sport is an area of law that is studied in New Zealand, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Resulting research papers have been published and have won international award… read more

Where to read your law degree in the UK

“Where to read your law degree in the UK”

Fatos Selita, founder of the UK Law Students’ Association, explains why you should study law in the UK and provides a detailed explanation of all the things you need to consider before you apply. Deciding where to read for your law degree is potentially one of the most important decisions you wil… read more

Pre-law course selection in the United States

“Pre-law course selection in the United States”

Knowing which courses to take to pursue a career in law can be tricky, but making the right choices now could give you an advantage when it comes to being accepted into the best law schools. When considering the study of law, it can be difficult to determine the types of courses that will best prep… read more

Latest UK Features

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“Discover the best UK cities for students”

Choosing the right university is an important step in any student’s academic career. The UK has always been a popular destination for higher education for both local and international students. Fresh Student Living has looked into which cities are best for affordability, employability, educatio… read more

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“Want to study medicine in the UK?”

The desire to study medicine abroad is motivated by a number of factors. It offers you a chance to experience a different culture, learn another language, build a global network and explore a new country, all while working towards your degree. These are significant considerations that will influence… read more

Formula Student: put pedal to metal

“Formula Student: put pedal to metal”

One of the most exciting engineering competitions for international students, Formula Student UK prepares young people for the thrilling career they're about to plunge into: the automotive industry. Held annually in the UK at Silverstone Circuit, the competition tests project management, design, aer… read more

Migration data: under scrutiny

“Migration data: under scrutiny”

The ONS (The Office for National Statistics) is improving the way it calculates migration data and analysis on international student numbers. The main reason behind this has been triggered by a growing concern that the previously ONS published figures were rather questionable, and not accurate enoug… read more

International Student Guide To Birmingham 2017

“International Student Guide To Birmingham 2017”

Birmingham is a thriving and diverse city located in the West Midlands, near to the centre of the UK. With its central position, students living in Birmingham have easy access to many of the UK's big cities via train and coach, including London, Liverpool, Sheffield, Manchester, Cardiff and Oxford t… read more

Study in the UK Bellerbys-Oxford-students

“5 Reasons to Study in the UK”

The UK is one of the most popular study destinations in the world. Its academic reputation speaks for itself: three of the country’s universities (The University of Oxford, The University of Cambridge, and Imperial College, London) made the top ten of Times Higher Education’s World University Ra… read more

VB34 - Brighton Pier dusk - Credit Adam Bronkhorst

“Why we LOVE Brighton”

Welcome To Brighton & Hove! With easy access to urban life, coast and countryside, Brighton & Hove offers inspiration, for adventure and relaxation, in equal measure. The city is known as a welcoming, friendly place and often people who come as students end up staying long… read more

Places to Visit While Studying in Edinburgh

“Places to Visit While Studying in Edinburgh”

With outstanding public transport links and a wide variety of excellent accommodation around Scotland, there’s no excuse not to see more of Scotland’s dynamic cities and breath-taking landscapes. Here are just a few popular tourist stops to give an indication of the variety of incredible attract… read more


“Glasgow: The Student Hotspot”

Glasgow has a wide range of universities, colleges, an art school, and a conservatoire; beyond that, you need so much more to have a real student experience.   With a wealth of cultural attractions, world-class architecture and design, fantastic shopping and a year-round programme of exciting … read more

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“Edinburgh - Things Not To Miss”

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. It is perched on top of a number of extinct volcanoes and rocky crags which rise from the generally flat land of the Lothians. Combine this with the sheltered shoreline of the Firth of Forth to the North and you cannot deny the setting is spectacular. With a ric… read more


“Travelling in the UK”

University of Roehampton international student Alex talks to i-studentglobal about the great transport links that London offers international students and tells us about some of her travels, both nationally and internationally, from London. Visiting a friend in Chester (Train) It's fitting th… read more

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“My Time in Manchester”

I-studentglobal spoke to Meaghan about her time studying abroad in Manchester.   As an international student who studied abroad, the decision I made to go to Manchester, England, led to some of the best experiences of my life. Manchester is a colorful and vibrant city full of activity, local c… read more


“WHY Bristol?”

Bristol is a unique city located in the hills of South-West of England filled with historic maritime, museums, year-round festivals and greenery. The city boasts how wonderful the passionate residents are and that the city is one of a kind to the rest of the country. We've picked out some … read more


“Student Safety in the UK: ProtectED”

ProtectED is the UK’s first higher education accreditation scheme for student security, safety and wellbeing, and represents the ‘gold standard’ for assessing work done by universities in this area. The origins of ProtectED ProtectED was developed at the University of Salford, in partnersh… read more


“WHY Brighton?”

Brighton is the UK's largest and most popular seaside city - and it's easy to see why. Many international students flock to the city due to all that it has to offer. In this article, we have famous Landmarks, Parks, Eateries, Coffees, and Places to Drink in Brighton.  1. Landmarks: The Royal P… read more


“WHY Roehampton?”

Roehampton is a district of south-west London that holds many cultural and historic characteristics for locals and students to enjoy. Located in the borough of Wandsworth, this suburban district is not as busy as central London, but still gives students the feel of a major city. 1. Landmarks: Royal… read more

Oxford or Cambridge University - Canal

“How To Prepare For Cambridge and Oxford Applications”

The information from this article was distributed in the handout of the ‘How to prepare students for successful applications to Oxford or Cambridge’ talk at IACAC 2016 (International Association for College Admission Counseling). The featured contributors of this article are Francis McIvor (Brit… read more


“WHY Chichester?”

Chichester is a city located on the edge of the South Downs filled with old heritage and modern styling. The city holds many boutique shops, restaurants, and art galleries on the edge of sandy beaches and lush greens.  1. Landmarks: Chichester Cathedral  This stunning Cathedra… read more


“UK Bucket List (Student Checklist)”

Arriving in the United Kingdom can be life-changing as there are so many new experiences ahead of any student on their study abroad. Here’s our UK bucket list for what to do after you’ve just landed with all of your baggage after flying for an endless number of hours. What will you decide to do … read more


“Top Student Cities in the UK (Outside of London)”

The United Kingdom is considered one of the best countries to study due to the higher institutions here consistantly ranking world-wide and the internationally recognised education system. However, a lot of in-bound international students may only look into Universities in the capital city, London. … read more