Globalisation Lessons Learned During My Masters


We need to challenge what we believe about ourselves. In addition to gender and sexuality, we also need to talk about race, religion, age, and all the forms of diversity whose unique perspectives have the potential to enrich our personal and professional lives. This is where cultural intelligence becomes is not a privilege of big companies but the secret of successful people...why? Because it is the foundation of self-development!

You can only improve if you know what your weaknesses are and by weakness, I do not mean you are not good enough at something. It is about understanding that we are subconsciously influenced by our cultural background and our brain will process and fit all the new information into the existing system so it seems logical and reasonable. That is why we do not even consider the possibility of being wrong; we see only what we know. 



This process involves more than asking questions, as often even the other party does not understand how they react the way they do...this is why specific training is important where we can explore deeper cultural values, beliefs and personality traits which shape our behaviour, thinking and attitude.

Companies spend 50-70% of their revenue on salary and most of them spend less than 5% on training their employees in people skills...

It is a useful set of skills to improve emotional intelligence so you can recognise and control your feelings and reactions, however that just deals with the symptoms, cultural intelligence deals with the source of the problem before it becomes an issue.

Diversity can be your most profitable asset if you know how to manage it. If you cannot, it becomes the CORPORATE DIABETES, the silent feel something is wrong, not sure what it is and by the time you find out, your company is part of the 75% that failed and cost the UK £48 billion a year.


Written by Csaba Toth, Managing Partner of ICQ Consulting, an international people development agency which makes companies more profitable by measuring and leveraging  personal and cultural differences through a unique portfolio of assessments, training and consultancy which has already benefited some of the leading companies in the USA, Latin-America and Europe ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 organisations.


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