What to Think About Before Committing to Graduate School



How Will You Be Paying For It?

In most cases, graduate degree classes are more expensive than undergraduate work. Many recent college graduates are burdened by thousands of dollars of student loans that must be paid off. If you think you can afford to attend graduate school while paying off these loans, carefully budget out your monthly expenses first. A part time job or paid internship might be a good choice for keeping you afloat.

Are You Burned Out?

After four or more years of college, many students feel burned out and want to take a break. All-nighters combined with stressful classes and term papers make for a very stressful college career. If you feel burned out and you can't handle another day in class, it might be time to take a break and get a job before you commit to graduate school. You might find, living and working on your own is just what you needed after all your work in academia.


“… many students feel burned out …”