Studying business in Australia


Australia is a great place in which to live and study. The climate is appealing with beautiful summers and mild winters. Some of the world’s best beaches are close to major cities. Importantly, living costs and tuition fees are relatively cheap offering fantastic value for money.

Australia has forged a reputation for providing high quality globally-recognised education and has produced some of the world’s leading business scholars, particularly in accounting and finance. Australian degrees are recognised across the world and the credibility of an Australian education assists with mobility and entry into a business career. 

Thousands of students study in Australia with business degree programmes being the most popular. Approximately 333,000 international students are currently studying in Australia, over 170,000 of which are enrolled in a business programme. These include undergraduate and specialised master's programmes, diplomas, MBAs, and higher research degrees such as PhD programmes.

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“43% of international business students come from North-East Asia, mainly from China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea”

Australia is a very culturally diverse country with international students coming from a large number of countries. 43% of international business students come from North-East Asia, mainly from China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea; 31% of students come from South-East Asia drawing mainly from Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam; 14% of students come from Central Asia, India in particular. However the number of students coming from the Americas, the USA, Europe and Africa is growing strongly with French and German students being the most common arrivals from Europe.

Tuition fee levels generally indicate the prestige of the institution and reflect market demand for its programmes. Quality is also signalled by accreditation labels. A significant number of Australian business schools are accredited by one or other or both of the major international accreditation bodies, AACSB International (North America) and EQUIS (Europe). Degree programmes are subject to regular external scrutiny so the curriculum is kept up to date and consistent with modern business needs.