Dawn Leonetti - Letter to my 18 year old self


Dawn Leonetti, has 17 years of experience in marketing exciting brands including Microsoft, Nike, Under Armour and currently, Dolby Laboratories. 


Dear Dawn of 18,

This is Dawn of the 20+ years more experienced age of 43 writing to share with you some things that will be important for you to know as you grow into an adult, dear friend, and self.

There are many things I wish I had known before getting here, so I am hoping that sharing with you will help you be more prepared for what is to come and how to use your strengths to be happy and successful and get the most out of your life. I believe in you and know that you are capable of living a happy, creative and successful life.

Trust your gutInsight you will come know much later is to always trust your internal self also called your 'gut' or your 'heart'.  This piece is so important when making important decisions or gambles on your future - always tune into your gut first - it knows.  Try to use this internal tool now and always.

Everything you do along the journey of life, even if it seems off course, will be valuable later in your life or career.

Never underestimate the side projectsWhen you take on side projects or hobbies out of passion or interest, give them your most.  Most of the time these side projects and the learnings and people introductions made from them, become very valuable later on in your career or life.

Passion and commitment are some of the most important ingredients to successIf you pursue a career without any love or passion for it, you will likely not be successful at it. Without passion comes lack luster work and results.

Chasing money first will not work to make you happyIf following the money means not following the heart, then it is the wrong direction.  Money comes when heart, mind and spirit are all heading to the same place.

Integrate your passions into your lifeIf your career is not exactly as you dreamed as a student, but you are good at it and happy, be sure to integrate your passions into your life through your side projects and extracurriculars.  It is important to pursue your passion even if it is not fully a part of your career.

Be your best friendAlways be kind to yourself, praise your growth and your failures because they lead to a more completely conscious and evolved Dawn.  Be especially mindful of giving empathy with your mistakes. You are human and can't always be perfect or you would not be human or not be growing.

College is some of the most creative enlightening years of your life, be sure to commit yourself to your education, it opens up more doors then you can imagine.  It also opens up your personal self confidence to grow and enable you to give back your most precious gifts to the world around you.

Keep an open heart to the world, it needs you!

Love yourself and the world will love you back.

Good luck, my dear. I look for the best from you and since I know you so well, I know you are capable of the best. :-)

Yer self,

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