Business and commerce education in Canada



Pre-law course selection in the United States

“International students are an invaluable part of Canada’s academic community”

A significant proportion of Canadian business students spend part of their programme studying overseas and an equally important number of students enrolled in Canadian business schools are from abroad (18% of undergraduates and 26% of MBA students).

All universities are public institutions, and receive the bulk of their funding from various levels of government. They all share a high reputation for quality and all must go through a rigorous ongoing accreditation process from their respective provincial governments.

In addition, most schools have accreditations from international bodies, notably AASCB International, EFMD and AMBA. Canadian schools typically do very well in the numerous rankings conducted by international media and other organisations.

Tuition fees for degree programmes are 
fixed by provincial governments and vary from province to province. In most jurisdictions fees charged to international students are higher than those charged to Canadian residents, but in general are significantly less than fees charged at US schools. Many Canadian business schools have partnership agreements with schools abroad, where students pay fees to their home institution.