Blessed with entrepreneurial or commercial ambition? This is the degree for you to develop your skills in entrepreneurship, public speaking, economics, and increasing your knowledge of practical business concepts.  


A knowledge of business practices and economics would be advisable.


A business degree will make you a highly marketable property in any of the following fields: finance, operations, communication and information technology, business policy and strategy, often at a European and international level.

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“How to make better business connections after graduation”

In the business world, developing great relationships with professionals in your field as well as in affiliated fields is essential. These connections can be used for everything from getting great deals on products and services to providing you with helpful advice and more. If you have recently gra… read more


“Education Extras Every Business Major Should Think About”

If you’re currently enrolled at a college or university as a business major, you already know the importance of gaining a college degree. After all, that’s exactly why you’re investing all that time and money towards your education. You’re probably also aware that business majors have a grea… read more

6 Ways Having A Degree Can Help You In The Business World

“6 Ways Having A Degree Can Help You In The Business World”

If you want to go far in life in regards to your career, one thing you certainly need is a college education. While it is possible to find success without one, those stories are the exception to the norm. This is especially the case if you want to find success in business. Below are six ways having … read more

What to Think About Before Committing to Graduate School

“What to Think About Before Committing to Graduate School”

Attending graduate school is a big life decision. If you've recently graduated from school and are considering an online MBA program, take into account the following factors before committing to graduate school and all the tasks that come with it. “… committing to graduate school …” Real… read more

Which are the world's best online MBA programmes?

“Which are the world's best online MBA programmes?”

With advancements in online technology, online/distance learning has seen a huge boost in recent years. Noticeably, MBA applicants are increasingly selecting this method of education – not only because of its easy accessibility but also because of the flexibility of a course which can fit around o… read more

Studying Business & Management Courses in the UK

“Studying Business & Management Courses in the UK”

When searching for and deciding what to study at university, at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, there are certain practical questions you may want to ask yourself, including: where will this course lead me and what skills will I acquire? “… where will this course lead me …?” It … read more


“Why study business?”

Studying business will put you head and shoulders above the rest and equip you with the skills necessary to excel in a professional business career.  Do you need a professional qualification in business? Yes, qualifications matter. In our increasingly competitive world you have to stand out f… read more

Have you considered becoming your own boss?

“Have you considered becoming your own boss?”

Every other day, Radio One’s ‘Newsbeat’ (relentlessly aimed at 15-29 year olds) reminds you that One Direction are more likely to drop off the playlist than you are to get a job that actually uses your qualifications. According to the ONS, 47% of recent graduates are doing work that doesn’t … read more

Why is business degree accreditation important?

“Why is business degree accreditation important?”

When you are deciding where to apply for a business degree, you need to be sure that the institutions you look at are as good as they say they are. A strong indicator of a quality institution is whether it is recognised by an accrediting body. There are three international accrediting bodies for bu… read more

Interview with an international business student

“Interview with an international business student”

Columbian student, Laura Tello is completing a master of international business at Griffith University in Australia. Why I chose to study the Master of International Business I heard about the Master of International Business programme from my university in Colombia, the Universidad Sergio Arboled… read more

Top 6 richest businessmen

“Top 6 richest businessmen”

Business has the power to create some of the wealthiest people in the world. If you want to succeed in your business career, there's a lot you could learn from these six:  1.Bill GatesEstimated worth: $72.7 billionChairman of Microsoft and one of the world’s most prominent philanthropis… read more

The importance of AACSB accreditation

“The importance of AACSB accreditation”

When you are deciding where to apply for a business degree, you need to be sure that the institutions you look at are as good as they say. A strong indicator of a quality institution is whether or not it is accredited by an association, like the AACSB. AACSB accreditation demonstrates that a busine… read more

Top 6 perks of business

“Top 6 perks of business”

Why do so many people want to study business? Have a read of these 6 perks of the job and see if there's something about business that appeals to you. 1. World travel International business means international travel. To see some of the place you might be visiting, check out our Top 6 busines… read more

Top 6 business cities

“Top 6 business cities”

The top 6 international business districts. If you want your career to take you to the top, you might well find yourself working in one of these major cities: 6. Sydney “Regarded as an important focal point of the Asia-Pacific region” While Canberra is the capital city of Australia, Sydney… read more

Applying psychology to business

“Applying psychology to business”

People matter to organisations. So why not learn more about them? It is clear to see that due to modern communications and technology the world of business is operating in a more global market than ever before. People and governments from all over the world are able to see and understand the worki… read more

Networking at the beginning of your business career

“Networking at the beginning of your business career”

Networking during your business study is an opportunity to establish a network which will be invaluable during your career. Undergraduate students in business disciplines should appreciate the value of networking at an early stage in their career development. The undergraduate experience itsel… read more

An interview with a business consultant in China

“An interview with a business consultant in China”

Alex Houseman went to school in Britain and has a degree in international studies from the University of Sydney. He now lives and works as a business consultant in China. What did you study at university? I studied a Bachelor of International Studies, with honours in political economy. I did a dou… read more

Studying business in Australia

“Studying business in Australia”

Australia is a great place in which to live and study. The climate is appealing with beautiful summers and mild winters. Some of the world’s best beaches are close to major cities. Importantly, living costs and tuition fees are relatively cheap offering fantastic value for money. Australia has fo… read more

An interview with an account manager at Facebook

“An interview with an account manager at Facebook”

Sean Palit lives in Barcelona and is currently studying an online master’s degree in Digital Marketing while working full-time as an Account Manager for Facebook. In this inspirational interview he tells us how he gets the life/work/study balance right. Tell us a bit about yourself please Se… read more

British schools are very much open for business!

“British schools are very much open for business!”

The visa and immigration issues highlighted in the recent media coverage around London Metropolitan University and the UK Borders Agency (UKBA) have understandably raised concerns within the international student community. Students have been protesting outside of the UK Home Office and the UK Gove… read more