Accountancy & economics: the recession-proof subjects

Choose a subject that will give you an advantage. By studying economics or accountancy, you put yourself in a powerful position to resist difficult financial times.

In both of these career paths, not only will you earn well, you will be inclined to make wise decisions about how you manage your own money.


Studying economics pen charts

Economics is the study of national and international finances and trends”

Studying economics gets you thinking about goods and services, production, distribution and the 'national purse'. 

You will grapple with the theories of Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes. You will study very early societies and their small economies and you will use this information to make judgements about the modern day.

Successful economics graduates find themselves in some of the most influential positions in society. 


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“Studying accountancy is all about money management”

Accountancy is known as the 'language of business'. You will learn how to measure, communicate and advise on the finances of a person or organisation.

Accountancy has a high employment rate among graduates and accountants typically earn well above the average income. 

If you're good with figures and attention to detail, and you want to live the high life, accountancy could be for you.