4 Degrees To Help Shape the US for the Better




A Master of Public Administration

A Master of Public Administration (MPA) is the perfect post-graduate degree for students who wish to enter public service. From a business perspective, an MPA is similar to an MBA. However, unlike the MBA, the MPA offers a wide range of program specializations in public sector fields. For example, these specializations include transportation, health care, criminal justice and urban planning and management.

Master of Arts in Public Policy

A Master of Arts in Public Policy (MPP) is one of the best degrees to help students understand public policies and the American political system. An MPP will help the student gain in-depth insight into both the state and federal systems of government. Part of this involves learning how the U.S. political process and framework has developed and changed over the years. More importantly, students will learn about current events and hot topics that they will deal with in their future career. An MPP curriculum will also cover ethics, economics, leadership, policy analysis and public demographics.

In the end, there are great degree programs available for students who want to make a difference in their country. Possible jobs are in political science, media analysis, public administration and public policy management.

Article contributed by Anica Oaks, a freelance writer based in San Francisco, CA.