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Which are the world's best online MBA programmes?

“Which are the world's best online MBA programmes?”

With advancements in online technology, online/distance learning has seen a huge boost in recent years. Noticeably, MBA applicants are increasingly selecting this method of education – not only because of its easy accessibility but also because of the flexibility of a course which can fit around o… read more

Studying Business & Management Courses in the UK

“Studying Business & Management Courses in the UK”

When searching for and deciding what to study at university, at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, there are certain practical questions you may want to ask yourself, including: where will this course lead me and what skills will I acquire? “… where will this course lead me …?” It … read more

Why study business?

“Why study business?”

Studying business will put you head and shoulders above the rest and equip you with the skills necessary to excel in a professional business career.  Do you need a professional qualification in business? Yes, qualifications matter. In our increasingly competitive world you have to stand out f… read more

Thinking about studying law?

“Thinking about studying law?”

If you’re thinking about studying law, or are due to start your course this year, Gordon Dean, a solicitors practice in Norwich, offer tips to those beginning their studies as well as a few reasons why it’s a fantastic course to take. Law students work hard and play hard – Law societies are o… read more