Madhur Prashant - “Work -a- Frolic - My Work and its Secrets”


 Madhur Prashant

Madhur Prashant has graduated from Humber and is ready for her next adventure!

Making money anywhere in the world is no cakewalk. Making money when you are a student can be a cakewalk, a gooey but smooth cakewalk.

Really? How?

Part-time on campus work and full-time studies make an excellent combination of earning, learning and application. We work because we want to gain some value out of it. To put our skills, intelligence and experience to use is in itself an incentive. We work to make money. We work so we can be useful. We work because we love to be challenged. We work because we want to be occupied with and take control of matters that are not always ours.

ten euro notes

“We work to make money.”

As students we have the advantage of choosing from a variety of jobs. We have the option to apply for jobs we have never known and jobs that may not be part of our career path. The primary purpose of working on campus is to bring home precious notes and bills to pay off other undesirable, pending, painful bills. All other motivations to work follow later, once our monetary affairs are in control.

With on-campus jobs, we have flexible work hours, reduced commute time, friends who double as colleagues or vice-versa, etc. Also, owing to the nature of part-time on-campus jobs, there is limited responsibility on us for tasks. Trust me, when in college, we may want money desperately but definitely not a nagging boss tracking us down every minute.

During my undergraduate era, I performed a whole gamut of roles on various campuses. Each one came with its own set of responsibilities, rules, sensitivities, secrets and people. The money part was always consistent - minimum wage. Such are the trials of being an impoverished and a highly ambitious student abroad.

For you my readers, I have decided to revisit all those years I ran between study and work desks. Interesting now, but exhausting then.