Rachel Goh - “Why I chose to pursue my dreams at Otago ”


Rachel Goh

Rachel has travelled from Singapore to study Psychology at the University of Otago. She is often seen running around campus juggling various commitments. 

5. Great support system

Perhaps the greatest reason of all: Dunedin is like a second home to me. I know that if I ever needed help, I have my relatives right close by. Additionally, I know I can count on the University of Otago, the International Office, the Chaplain, and the Psychology department to have my back. Otago also has a great Student Support Centre and a Postgrad Personal Performance Coach to get you through the dark days of a PhD. Most importantly, my friends are like my second family and are so welcoming and understanding. They know what it’s like to do a PhD, and they are always willing to listen to me vent and give me constructive feedback. I have also witnessed many other students at Otago stepping up to take care of other International kids. I guess at the end of the day Dunedin may be small and boring at times, but we boast a super tight-knit community you will rarely see anywhere else.