Ishita Ghelani - “Why going global is important for today's students.”


Ishita Ghelani

Ishita has left her home in India to study for a Postgraduate Certificate in Marketing Management at the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Canada.

After studying Mass Media and working as a Media Planning Executive with Starcom MediaVest Group back home in India, I made the decision just over a year ago to further my studies with a postgraduate certificate in Advertising Management. With the world being so interconnected today, I really wanted to get a global perspective so I chose to study at Humber College in Toronto, Canada. I loved the program and after completing the Advertising Management certificate in August, I decided to enroll in the Marketing Management postgraduate certificate. I just started my courses and I’m looking forward to the challenging year ahead!

My own international experience has led me to be a keen advocate of studying abroad for other students. One of the great things about Humber is that it has links and partnerships all over the world, which enable students to get real global experience in their chosen areas.

I will be sharing my experiences in these blogs as well as the experience of my fellow students. I recently spoke to Nomi (who is in the final semester of Humber's Marketing Management postgraduate program), about her three-month marketing internship in India with INKtalkswhich she describes as “essentially the Indian TEDtalks.”


“I recently spoke to Nomi ...”

Ishita: What motivated you to go abroad?

Nomi: I have always wanted to come to India, and when the opportunity came my way, I did not hesitate to jump on it. Last year, when I was deciding between Humber and another Toronto-area college, I found out that Humber had an association with Leave Ur Mark (which is the company that brought me here) and that sealed my decision to come to Humber. 


“I have always wanted to come to India ...”