Courtney Windju - “A Weekend Ski Trip”

 Courtney Windju

Courtney left the USA to study at the University of Otago in New Zealand. When she’s not studying she likes exploring, baking and meeting new people. Courtney graduated from the University of San Diego in 2016.

I know I have included several adventure blog posts, but trust me on this one, you just can’t get enough of it in New Zealand! Last weekend was simply amazing. We (Tom, Laura, Clay, Connor and myself) headed over to Wanaka on a Friday afternoon. The drive there in our new rig (Sasha Fierce) was quite remarkable. It is rather different here driving in a two-lane road in vast landscapes versus on a crowded interstate with concrete to the right and left of you.



Wanaka is a really nice place – it actually reminded me quite a lot of Sandpoint. It is a small ski town with a beautiful lake and surrounding mountains. We went skiing at Treble Cone, which was magnificent. Skiing in New Zealand is also quite different because there are no trees on the mountains. In order to get up to the mountain we had to hitch-hike up, which was quite a pleasant experience. It is common to do in New Zealand, whereas it is not so common back home. One man I rode down the mountain with had been to Idaho before to ski in Sun Valley…such a small world.


“…. skiing at Treble Cone”


“Sun Valley, Idaho”

After a great day in Wanaka, we headed over to Queenstown to splurge on Fergburger (yum!) and a night out on the town. We went to a bar named Cowboys to watch the Rugby game & watch people continuously get thrown off of the mechanical bull. I have to put in a shameless plug…instead of a night of drinking; I went to a candy store and indulged myself in a peanut butter & chocolate Whittaker’s bar (delicious!)The next day we went on a hike to Sam’s Summit and had a nice lunch at Wilson’s Bay.  The lake was so calm and serene and the mountains so majestic - truly a weekend for the books. Can’t wait for more to come!


“The lake was so calm and serene …”