Nikita Sarawagi - “‘tis the season”


Nikita Sarawagi

I am Nikita Sarawagi, an international student from India, pursuing my Master's degree in Data Science and Analytics at Maynooth University. I believe in the saying 'Live and Let Live'. I am a nature lover and always looking for flexible approach to problem-solving that uses limited resources in an innovative way.

As I was walking on my way back home from the university I happened to pass by this place called the Carton House and started wondering what else is there because the pathway leading to it looked so spectacular. My first instinct was that I must walk down that road and that's exactly what I did. I started following the path and after walking for a few minutes it felt like I had entered a completely different world.

There were lush green grounds and timely cut grass, it was the stunning location of a Georgian-created parkland landscape. I sat there for a while soaking in all the serenity around. Eventually, I started exploring the place and chanced upon a lovely waterfall. It created the perfect scenic vista with the radiant shining sun, chirping birds and the age-old sound of running water. I couldn't help but feel wonderful at the scenic surprises Maynooth holds in every nook and corner. It was a beautiful discovery and the perfect climax to my first semester.


The season started with Christmas, which was pretty amazing, the whole town was decorated with lights and whatnot. Christmas officially began in Ireland around December 8. Some of us attended the Gospel choir at the St. Mary’s church at Maynooth, which was my first time visiting the church and attending the choir, it was fun and soulful. The town was twinkling with festivities, Christmas were on the buzz... this is the celebration of Christmas in a Christian country.

A couple of friends and I took a stroll around the city, there was good energy all around. After that, we arrived at a friend's place for celebrating Christmas the Indian way. My friend had laid out an elaborate meal for us consisting of the famed Indian street delicacy Samosa, Chicken Chilly, Paneer Chilly and Fried Rice. I was almost in tears looking at all the mouth-watering food. I really miss the food back home and an assortment of so many dishes on one table in one evening just made my day. The food didn't just look good, it tasted like heaven. The friend turned out to be a great cook and the rest of us, well, we turned out to be great at eating!