Shannon Holm - “Thinking Back on My Time at Maynooth So Far”


Shannon Holm

I am from Harare, Zimbabwe. After finishing high school in Harare, I moved to Maynooth. I am an international student doing my full undergraduate degree at Maynooth University. I have been studying English and Philosophy here for two years, and have one year left before I graduate. 

I have become fairly familiar with airports. When I leave home destined for Dublin, I look forward to the freedom I have in Ireland to live my life completely independently. I get to decide what I eat every day, what I do in my free time, and I can pursue my degree whole-heartedly.

I also know that I will miss my family and my cats and all the comforts of home. And when I leave Ireland destined for Harare, I know that I will miss my Irish life all the while enjoying my home life. I am lucky to be able to say that I am happy in both places.

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I have just arrived home after being at Maynooth for nine months. I am always surprised by how easily I adapt to being home. After the first day back, I felt like I had never left. The same is true when I arrive back in Ireland. I feel equally comfortable in both places.

When I was deciding to go abroad for university, I was worried that home would become slightly foreign to me, or that Maynooth would feel like boarding school. Neither of these proved to be true, thankfully, because I have managed to find a comfortable space of belonging in both places.