Tai Ekundayo - “Student Support Services at Fulton Montgomery Community College”

Tai Ekundayo

Tai is a mature student studying Radiology at Fulton Montgomery Community College in the US.  He’s travelled from Nigeria via the UK to find himself in the US. His story is moving and inspirational.

The Evans library at FMCC works proactively to assist students to maximize their academic experience and achieve success by providing great student support services. One of such services provided is information literacy skills in support of campus courses and programmes. This allows students to accurately navigate by accessing, evaluating and using information pertinent to their programmes at FMCC.  Subject-specific research sessions are also offered for all disciplines by working with faculty to develop a comprehensive approach and help students complete their assignments (projects, term papers, and homework). The library also offers a one-credit course titled “Introduction to College Research” which I took myself in my second semester at FMCC. The course helped me tremendously and I would recommend it for all international students.


“The Evans library ….”

One of the things that Evans library is currently doing to help students is an initiative to partner with the Students Affairs department in a pilot programme to target ‘at-risk’ students. They assist these students towards achieving academic success. New technology is in place, a desktop computer by the information desk where students can ‘check-in’ when they use the library, and the students spend quality time doing the necessary amount of work required to fulfil their obligation. I am really excited about this and it’s bound to be a huge success.


“… the students spend quality time …”



Other student support services housed in the library are TRiO, Academic Support Services, Writing Lab, Math Lab and Computer Lab. TRiO provides academic and financial advising, transfer advisement, and tutoring. To qualify for TRiO you must be either a first generation college student (neither parent holds a four-year college degree), are income qualified or you have a physical/learning/mental disability. The Academic Support Services, coordinated by Ellie Fosmire, work closely with students to help them achieve their academic success goals and assists them with any learning needs they may have, such as providing class notes and separate testing rooms for students with disabilities. The writing Lab provides help with formatting styles for essays, reports, term papers, etc., and the Math and Computer Labs provide tutoring service for students who need help with math and computer classes such as CIS 105.


“TRiO ...” 

Personally I have found Evans library to be a very resourceful place on campus and I would recommend that every student use the services provided as much as possible to achieve even greater academic success! I wish you all the best in your educational endeavours; keep warm, be safe, and don’t forget spring is just around the corner!    




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