Muhammad Reefath Rahman - “How to be a student leader in the Business World”

Muhammad Reefath Rahman

An enthusiastic, proactive and a highly adaptable digital marketer and administrator committed to professional development. I am studying Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at the University of South Australia and pride myself as a resourceful, flexible, innovative, and creative individual who possesses a considerable amount of knowledge regarding digital marketing, advertising, brand management and market analysis.

Since early childhood, I always had a dream to complete my higher education in the field of business from a higher ranked international university and today I am proud of my decision to study at the UniSA Business School.  

Muhammad-Reefath-Rahman UniSA-Business-School

UniSA Business School

Currently, I am in the final semester of my Bachelor of Business (Marketing). I am also working as a casual Blogging Project Assistant with UniSA International, a UniSA Student Ambassador and Business Mentor with the UniSA Business School and an active volunteer for numerous UniSA events. I have also achieved the UniSA Student Leadership Scholarship, New Colombo Plan Grant, Business School Future Leaders Recognition Awards, and Study Adelaide Entrepreneurship & Innovation Award.

All these amazing things started happening in my life when I was in my second year. A simple volunteering opportunity was my first step towards student leadership. I started volunteering casually with the university student association and student clubs. I volunteered for a year and kept an online record of all my extracurricular activities. While volunteering at the uni I made many new friends from different cultures, learned about leadership and entrepreneurship, effective communications, and most importantly I learned that students like to engage with students more! At the end of the year, I forwarded my records to the Student Engagement Officer and applied for student leadership opportunities as a Business Mentor.

Muhammad-Reefath-Rahman UniSA-Business-Mentors

UniSA Business Mentors

Being a Business Mentor has helped improve my verbal communication skills. Since I was new to Australian culture I didn’t know much of the common languages that are casually used. As Business Mentor I worked with other domestic students, who helped teach me Australian slang. During the orientation weeks, I had to assist 20+ students by describing the academic and social culture of the university. There was some days I had to talk for 15 minutes in a diverse audience!

It also led me to get involved in the SPICED (Multicultural Cooking Demonstrations) events and UniSA Community Gardens. SPICED serves as a platform for interaction and networking amongst international students as well as promoting various cultures of the world through food and movies. I learned to cook Mexican and Afghan food. To me “SPICED is UniSA’s Globalisation.” In the Community Garden I learned about Business Sustainability and Fair Trade practices. I also enjoyed the Bonsai-making workshop and learned a lot about the plant kingdom.

After the Business Mentor program, I received an invitation from the UniSA Business School’s Pro Vice Chancellor’s department to be a part of the 2016 EQUIS Report. The UniSA Business School earns its tradition of quality as one of only nine institutions in Australia to be accredited by EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System). As an EQUIS Reaccreditation Committee Member, I had to help create a report, writing about the student perspective of the UniSA Business School.

Muhammad-Reefath-Rahman UniSA-EQUIS-Team


These opportunities opened the door for me to be a Student Ambassador of UniSA. As a Student Ambassador, I have represented UniSA into many state level student engagement events and societies. It’s a fun job! I also helped in managing student experience events on campus. UniSA Halloween Party, Multicultural Week, Mental Health Week and Open Day are just a few to mention in my ambassador experience. Sometimes the job can be boring too! I will never forget those days when I had to laminate 200 certificates for student volunteers. Not so funny huh! Just kidding! There was fun too, gossiping with the student colleagues, planning upcoming events and much much more.

So as you can see, it was a great second year for me and one opportunity leads to better opportunities. And the same thing happened when I started my third year. More opportunities and responsibilities knocked on my door. I got a casual job with UniSA International as a Blogging Project Assistant. 

Muhammad-Reefath-Rahman UniSA-Student-Ambassador

UniSA Student Ambassador

I will be graduating soon from this very institution. While studying, I always managed to keep a high GPA, undertake part-time employment, work experience and many volunteering opportunities. So, yup all my hard work is going to pay off soon and my dream is coming true! I am so excited and looking forward to graduating.