Muhammad Reefath Rahman - “How to be a student leader in the Business World”


Muhammad Reefath Rahman

An enthusiastic, proactive and a highly adaptable digital marketer and administrator committed to professional development. I am studying Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at the University of South Australia and pride myself as a resourceful, flexible, innovative, and creative individual who possesses a considerable amount of knowledge regarding digital marketing, advertising, brand management and market analysis.

Since early childhood, I always had a dream to complete my higher education in the field of business from a higher ranked international university and today I am proud of my decision to study at the UniSA Business School.  

Muhammad-Reefath-Rahman UniSA-Business-School

UniSA Business School

Currently, I am in the final semester of my Bachelor of Business (Marketing). I am also working as a casual Blogging Project Assistant with UniSA International, a UniSA Student Ambassador and Business Mentor with the UniSA Business School and an active volunteer for numerous UniSA events. I have also achieved the UniSA Student Leadership Scholarship, New Colombo Plan Grant, Business School Future Leaders Recognition Awards, and Study Adelaide Entrepreneurship & Innovation Award.

All these amazing things started happening in my life when I was in my second year. A simple volunteering opportunity was my first step towards student leadership. I started volunteering casually with the university student association and student clubs. I volunteered for a year and kept an online record of all my extracurricular activities. While volunteering at the uni I made many new friends from different cultures, learned about leadership and entrepreneurship, effective communications, and most importantly I learned that students like to engage with students more! At the end of the year, I forwarded my records to the Student Engagement Officer and applied for student leadership opportunities as a Business Mentor.

Muhammad-Reefath-Rahman UniSA-Business-Mentors

UniSA Business Mentors

Being a Business Mentor has helped improve my verbal communication skills. Since I was new to Australian culture I didn’t know much of the common languages that are casually used. As Business Mentor I worked with other domestic students, who helped teach me Australian slang. During the orientation weeks, I had to assist 20+ students by describing the academic and social culture of the university. There was some days I had to talk for 15 minutes in a diverse audience!

It also led me to get involved in the SPICED (Multicultural Cooking Demonstrations) events and UniSA Community Gardens. SPICED serves as a platform for interaction and networking amongst international students as well as promoting various cultures of the world through food and movies. I learned to cook Mexican and Afghan food. To me “SPICED is UniSA’s Globalisation.” In the Community Garden I learned about Business Sustainability and Fair Trade practices. I also enjoyed the Bonsai-making workshop and learned a lot about the plant kingdom.