Nugroho Kristianto - “Springtime in Adelaide”

Nugroho Kristianto

Indonesian student of Business Nugruho Kristianto describes his path from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia to Flinders University in Australia.

Hi everyone!

It’s me again. It’s September now. That means that the winter wonderland is over and here comes lovely spring! The weather is really nice nowadays. I like it so much - warm and sunny days!

Time really flies so fast. Next week is spring break already. That means I have completed the first half of the semester. The first half of the semester was great. I have some new friends. I now know Flinders much better and also know the bus route better. And, there was also not so many assignments, which means I can go exploring Adelaide more often.

Speaking about Adelaide, now I can say that I have fully adapted to Adelaide, and I really do enjoy it! The more I explore Adelaide, the more I like it. And so far, this city never stops which has amazed me.

This month I went to two great events. The first one is ‘INDOpendence’. It’s Indonesia’s independence celebration in Adelaide. That was great. So much Indonesian food there. Some traditional dance and song was also presented there. I personally really enjoyed the food. It’s quite a long time since I ate Indonesian food, so I do miss it a bit.

Then, ‘The Adelaide Show’! I went there with my friends. It was amazing. We were there from 3pm till 9pm. We watched the marching band, and wandered around the exhibition and did many other things such as the rides and played so many games. We also had some food and wine tasting. I had my first grilled turkey. It was literally huge. And it all closed with the fantastic fireworks.

So, as I said, next week is spring break. And I already have my plan. I will go to Melbourne! I have already booked the ticket, and am ready and raring to go! I have my auntie living there, so I will stay in her house. It’s also like a family reunion, because it’s  been a while since I have seen her.

Sadly, after those two weeks of spring break, October will come. My agenda for October is already full with a lot of assignment due dates. It’s quite frustrating, indeed. I just will believe in myself and do my best.

Thankfully, October will be brighter a bit from those assignment due dates, because of the ISSU trip. I have booked a trip to Adelaide Hills, including Hahndorf, the famous German village run by the International Student Support Services.

Hmm, so many interesting things are happening. I just can’t wait - and will be sure to keep you all posted!