Annamae Beeler Sax - “Springfest in the Snow”


Annamae Beeler Sax

Annamae Sax is a double major in Creative Writing with a focus in Poetry and Gender and Women's studies (specialising in Queer and Trans Studies) who is traveling from Tucson, Arizona to Maynooth, Ireland. When she's not in class or stuck in a book, she loves to act, hike, and explore the world with her friends.

Meeting a couple other girls, we made our way to the festival, where it was raining, and sought refuge in one of the beer tents. I’m firmly in the belief that beer tents are liminal spaces, where time doesn’t exist. We spent over four hours in that tent, standing on a wooden table with our new German friends, drinking our steins, singing and cheering, clapping and almost falling off the benches as we yelled “Prost!” Leaving at ten or eleven, we regrouped at the hotel room the girls had booked for the night and then hit the German clubs, returning at 5.30 in the morning, only to wake up at eleven and do it all over again.

Munich 2

The weekend is a haze of wearing a dirndl, drinking beer, eating pretzels, and making new friends every ten minutes; in short, the most fun I have ever had. Come Sunday afternoon, Nat and I left the campground, checked into our hostel and spent the rest of the day touring Munich. Catching our flight home the next day, we were utterly decimated, exhausted and sore from sleeping on the ground, but more content and happy than we ever had been. We wanted a perfect goodbye, go big or go home, and we definitely got it. Sure, we had to hibernate for a week or so after, but it was well worth it.