Annamae Beeler Sax - “Springfest in the Snow”


Annamae Beeler Sax

Annamae Sax is a double major in Creative Writing with a focus in Poetry and Gender and Women's studies (specialising in Queer and Trans Studies) who is traveling from Tucson, Arizona to Maynooth, Ireland. When she's not in class or stuck in a book, she loves to act, hike, and explore the world with her friends.

With one last trip out of the country to take before wrapping up the semester, my friend Nat and I decided on a camping trip in Munich for their annual Frühlingsfest, or Springfest, for a long weekend. This was our last trip, our big farewell, going out with a bang, and we couldn’t wait.

We went with bus2alps again, an incredible student travel group, and camped with Stoke travel. We packed our backpacks, printed our plane tickets, and caught a Thursday afternoon flight for a trip we didn’t yet realise would be the craziest one yet.

Arriving in Munich at four in the afternoon, we had been given clear instructions on which train and bus to catch to get to the campsite. My German is a little rusty, so we were relying mostly on the directions we had. However, we were not yet told of a fire that had caught in the train tunnels that day, throwing the entire schedule out of whack, and we started our journey blissfully unaware. What was meant to be a simple one hour journey turned into train hopping, train missing, getting on the wrong train, sitting in the rain at a bus stop at night - a four-hour long adventure to get to our tent. Finally reaching the site, we got into our sleeping bags exhausted, ready for sleep.

Mother nature had another plan for us, and while I tried to doze off, it began to snow. Even under two sleeping bags and all of my clothes from my backpack, I still shivered violently and failed to ever fall asleep. For the second, third, maybe tenth time that day, a small voice in my head said, “What have you gotten yourself into?”

The next morning dawned bright and early with the speakers at the bar belting out Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire” at 8am, and we all immediately started drinking beer and sangria with breakfast to warm ourselves up.

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