Roman Maximyuk - “Spiders & dune buggies”

Roman Maximyuk

Kazhakstani computer science student Roman Maximyuk blogs about his adventures from Scotland's University of Sterling to Australia's Flinders University.

Hello hello! It is time to share my experience for the past month.

I had an amazing weekend last week. My boss is a huge racing fan. He even participated in it a few years ago. Anyway, he invited me to take pictures of “King of Dunes” (buggies racing in the sand dunes) near Mount Gambier. It was a great experience. I was walking around in the sand, almost being ran over by buggies. I spent the whole day doing that.

There was a 4X4 car which we took to go to the track, and the day before the races, someone took the car for transporting wood. After a couple of times going back and forth between track and pit-stop... something moved when I opened the door! I just jumped out of the car when I saw this huge spider... I was startled! They told me later that it is totally harmless, but you know, you see a spider as big as your hand, you jump away from it. :D

On another note, I thought I'd start studying this semester from the beginning, but I think it is just the same as the last one. I can say that I 100% enjoyed working in the university during summer, and still enjoying bits of it, more than studying.

Until next time!