Kate O'Donnell - “Semester 1: 2017 (when it all started)”


Kate O'Donnell

I'm from St. Louis, Missouri, and I am a full-time BA student at Maynooth University. I originally came to Maynooth as a study abroad student during my first year of college in 2016, and decided to continue the rest of my degree as a student at Maynooth studying Geography and International Development.

So, I finally made back to Maynooth after deciding to transfer and become a full-time student here after being a studying abroad student. This time around has been very different. I came back thinking that I would be a second-year student, but after some confusion and frustration, I learned that I would have to be a first-year student again due to credit inconsistencies.

Being a full-time student means less time to travel and more time to study, but has brought me closer to the Irish students here. I have created much stronger bonds than when I was only here for a semester and mostly surrounded by other American students most of the time.

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Becoming closer to Irish students has given me a closer look at what every-day life is like for people living in Ireland. I have visited friends living in Dublin city and a friend’s farm in Donegal. It is so interesting to see two drastically different ways of life;  two of my friends at Maynooth and that come from different parts of Ireland. I love spending time with my Irish friends and seeing what they do for fun and it’s so cool to me that I can visit them even if they live on the other side of the country.